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The 4 leaf barndoor is wildly used for special effect photography. Barndoors are essential for directing the light source in specific areas of the scene and for flagging or blocking light from "spilling" into unwanted areas of the scene. This lighting accessory allows the photographer to control the spread of light from a direct light source. The uses of the barndoor and honeycomb are limited only by your creative imagination and range from hair lighting to subject spotlighting. Use these accessories to control the field of light in your scene and discover new ways to highlight subjects, backgrounds, and add mood to your photographs.

These are simple frames that attach to a studio flash unit and have hinged metal doors. Sometimes two doors and sometimes 4 doors. One would ask what the benefits are for one over the other. With a 2 door unit, you can close the doors down to zero opening but the opening will always be a long slit. This is not a bad thing but under certain circumstances it is more convenient to have 4 doors so you can close down in both axis at the same time keeping your light source symmetrical. The bottom line is that if you have a 4 door unit, you also have a 2 door. Just don`t use the other two.

The benefits from using barn doors are not as well known as with other studio toys. Today we have such a huge emphasis on technology doing everything for us that many simple devices like the barn doors are sadly all but forgotten. Barn doors provide control unlike any other device. With nothing more than a quick flip of the hand, you can change the amount of light exiting your flash unit from 100% to 0% or any increment in-between those extremes. The beauty of this is that the changes made affect both modeling light and strobe tube equally so you can stay in a "what you get is what you see" mode. Reflector:
Flash heads, whether hooked up to a power pack or integrated into a moonlight, generally feature an interchangeable reflector (bowl or dish) used to shape the light. Interchangeable reflectors give photographers numerous options. For one, bare-bulb photography, which produces an even light around the entire room, reminiscent of sunlight. Certain reflectors are designed to accommodate a photographic umbrella, whereas many heads require an accessory replacement dish for this purpose. The shape of the bowl and its finish also determine the throw of the light and its quality. Color filters:
Color filters for your strobes light will add a whole new dimension to your creative. Imagine the possibilities as you are able to change the color of your lights casting mood and atmosphere into everyday scenes. Color filters can be placed directly on the head units or combined with barn doors for further versatility.
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JTL#2222 7"Standard Metal Reflector for the Versalight E Monolight Strobes.
This is a 7-inch standard metal reflector for the Versalight E strobes. PRODUCT DETAILS Manufactured by: JTL Mfg Part No: 2222 Shipping Weight: 0.8 pounds Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.00" 5.50" 7.60" / 20.3 x 14.0 x 19.3mm

Price $29.90

JTL#2111 Pro Lighting Accessory Kit for the Versalight Series Monolights
This comprehensive set includes an accessory holder, detachable four leaf barndoors, four pieces of colored gels with aluminum frames and a slip on honycomb grid. · The whole set is made of solid metal and is easy to clip on and off of the 7" standard reflector. · There is a light diffuser and three color gels: red, yellow and blue

Price $54.90

JTL#2108 Four Leaf Barndoor Set for the Versalight Series Monolights
Barn doors serve a dual purpose. First, they create a adjustable beam of light which can be used to highlight a small area.

Price $50.90

JTL#2104 4 Piece Trapezoid Clip-on Barn Doors, 9.5"
The JTL 2104 4-Pc Trapezoid Clip-on Barn Door narrows the beam spread of a light source. They enable a photographer to aim light more accurately and reduce intensity in specific areas. The more leaves a barn door set has, or the longer the leaves the more precisely the beam can be controlled. They help create a 3-dimensional look to a lighting scheme by placing light in a specific area, or by keeping it away. The JTL Clip-On Barn Doors provide maximum versatility; they are compatible with any reflector dish on the market.

Price $53.90

JTL#1216 Four Leaf Barndoor Set for the Versalight J160 and J-110 Monolights.
Barn doors serve a dual purpose. First, they create a adjustable beam of light which can be used to highlight a small area. In portraiture, this type of lighting can be used a hair light or as a side light for dramatic head and shoulder shots. The shadow side can be left in darkness or can be softened slightly with the use of a reflector. · In still life photography, this narrow beam can highlight the subject while other items appear to be slipping into shadows. · The second reason we use barn doors is to prevent light from "spilling". When light hits your lens at a angle, it causes flair. Flair lowers over all contrast of the subject or in severe cases, eliminates viewing. A barndoor placed correctly will prevent this.

Price $19.90

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