Background Support

We bring professional photography background systems to the world. They are simple to use and built solidly from glamour to commercial photograph. Support systems coming in multiple color backgrounds are available in single and triple crossbar.
The Chromakey Professional Background is introduced to either your video production, or digital photography studio. Also, The Chromakey is made of heavy duty non-glare 100% cotton muslin which guarantees that there's no lights reflected.
As you want a pure, noise free background and a blue screen for your shooting, our solution, The Chromakey, is perfect for images and your budget as well. It's based on the Luminance key, which everything in the image over a set brightness level is "keyed" out and replaced by either another image, or a color from a color generator. The Chromakey from Britek brings you the possibility to shoot photos just like what you did on your Mac!

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