Britek 3324 AS-150 (AS-45P) Slave Flash Head


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MFR Code: 3324 AS-150 Britek
Similar to its counterpart, the PS-300, the AS-150 outputs about 120w/s. A single strobe light with a light holder (PE-3224) / light bank (SA3222) can be used for merchandise photo shoots, or half-body portrait shots. At first glance, this strobe unit looks small, but it also gives you some other features used by other higher end models, including the slave sensor, sync cord plug, and it also includes a power adjustable output switch for selecting half or full power. The built-in reflector eliminates the need to purchase additional reflectors. The flash tube holder has also been redesigned. With the new AS-150, the flash tube is placed inside the light, and is protected by the outer protection of the light head itself.
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3324 AS-150 Britek 3324 AS-150 (AS-45P) Slave Flash Head $54.99 
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1. 120w/s output, GN 150F/T, 45/M
2. Full & Half 2F/Stop Setting
3. 3-5 Sec Charging Time
4. Slave, Test & Triggering System
5. E-27 Edison Base
6. Dimension: 20x9x9(cm)
7. Weight: 1 lbs

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