3x300w Focusable Halogen Light kit


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MFR Code: 900BHK Britek
This halogen light kit is suitable for amateur photographers and/or video-making beginners. This halogen light kit is very portable and is similar to those advantages you get from the 3x200w Focusable Digital/Video Halogen Light Kit, but this one comes with a higher wattage output. Also keep in mind that the 3X300W focusable halogen lighting kit is very similar to the 900W halogen lighting kit since they all put out relatively the same amount of light and both of them are equally lightweight. The beauty of the focusable halogen lighting kit is that this kit allows you to focus on the subject area, perfectly outlining the shape of the subject and creating beautiful shadows where needed.

This kit is very ideal for either small product photography or film making in a confined space. This kit projects soft light onto your subjects, and is capable of allowing the photographer to ‘freeze’ images instantly. This kit includes soft boxes which are used to create a maximum diffusing effect and also avoids hot spots on the image.
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900BHK 3x300w Focusable Halogen Light kit  
7711 7711 300w Focusable Halogen Light 3 $179.97 
2002-1 bulb for 2002 Halogen Light 3 $38.97 
8406 Photo video Spring-cushioned 6' light stand 3 $98.97 
3428L 24''x24''Softbox 2 $85.98 
2008 D160mm Barndoor 1 $29.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
3178-3 Small Stand Bag for 4057 and 4064 1 $7.99 
Instant Savings 1 $-59.99 
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