3x300w Halogen Light Kit


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MFR Code: 900HK Britek
The 3X300W halogen light kit is a very helpful light kit, specially designed for small business owner, the professional and the amateur on the go. This halogen light kit is really compact in that it is equipped with umbrellas rather than soft boxes in order to obtain maximum light coverage.

Halogen lights provide a good light source for merchandise with warm color temperature, such as dark red, orange, and brown. For instance, using halogen lights would be appropriate when shooting photos of furniture made out of timber. Another example for small business owners is to use this halogen light kit in restaurants or coffee shops where there is less space. This light kit can create a warmer atmosphere through the use of halogen lights. In addition to using halogen lights in restaurants or coffee shops, this halogen light kit also works perfectly for interior house photo shoots, which mainly focuses on the interior design and the layout of a house. Using this halogen light kit will definitely complement the overall picture taken within the house and will most definitely attract more home buyers.

To achieve a warm color temperature using digital camera, users must first disable their Auto White Balance (AWB) before the photo shoot. For certain advanced digital cameras, users can either disable the AWB or change the color temperature setting to daylight balance, or 5500K if your camera supports user’s definition.
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900HK 3x300w Halogen Light Kit  
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